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Since 2018, Wollstonecraft Coaching has created experiences that are engaging and results-oriented. 

Breaking Barriers

As a coach and facilitator, Logan's belief in human potential is apparent and at the forefront of how she engages with people. Her inquisitiveness comes from a place of deep curiosity, not judgement, which serves as the foundation of her work. This curiosity is what drew me to Logan and what helped me trust her so that when she challenged my own thinking as a way to help break barriers I was open to receiving her feedback and shifting my perspective. Logan's strengths are building genuine human-to-human connection, sharing in the human experience of vulnerability alongside those she works with, and offering ways to challenge limiting beliefs through a trusted relationship.- Jenny

Clarity & Confidence

I cannot recommend Logan enough! I hope to work with her for many years to come. After 5+ years of feeling stuck in my career, Logan helped me identify self-defeating behaviors and blockades as well as professional strengths and assets. After a few sessions with her, I felt a new sense of clarity, direction, and confidence, followed by a palpable shift in drive and momentum. She consistently supported but also gave me the tools I needed to build on my own. A few weeks later, I received an amazing job offer. I am thrilled with this new direction in my career and I am certain I could not have achieved these results (in such a short period of time) without Logan's strategic and insightful coaching. She was intuitive and empathetic at the right moments but also emboldening and challenging as needed. She knew when and how to push me when I didnt even know I was stuck. Amazing. -Aileen 

Real Transformation

Logan's insight, wisdom, and intuition make for powerful coaching. She offers so many skills and tools and deep listening for real transformation. -Elizabeth

Daily Action Steps

Working with Logan was a blessing. She helped me shift my mindset when I was in a low place. This past year had been difficult because my mom and uncle both passed away from cancer. Logan was able to guide me to see a future with new goals. She encouraged me to take daily action to believe that I could do it. -Pamela

Core Value Alignment

Logan is an experienced life and leadership coach. She knows a lot about NLP which I found very helpful in our coaching sessions. She's a great listener, a skill that is very hard to find. Her coaching has helped me in key decision moments what was most aligned with my core values. -Jessica

Regain Sight of Gifts & Talents

The past 4 months I have experienced an incredible shift, really a life changer. I was stuck dwelling on the challenges my job presented which was significantly impacting relationships dear to me. Focusing on the painful negative experiences in recent years caused me to lose sight of the positive person I once was and the satisfying interactions in my relationships. I wasn't managing well, and everything felt challenging and difficult. I needed a new perspective, so I reached out to Logan for coaching through this very difficult period in my life. 

Logan helped me first to relax, then focus on the goals I wanted to achieve. Through weekly coaching sessions on the phone and good brain work, she helped me get in touch with the person I have always strived to be. With a focus on gratitude and her encouragement to engage in introspection, I began the process of restoring the positive energy which I lost. I have regained sight of my talents and gifts, and I am now stronger both physically and mentally. I am also more spiritual than ever before. I know I will have challenging moments ahead, but now I have a plan so I don't go down the rabbit hole. 

With Logan's coaching, I was able to create positive changes in my life. Her life experiences and deep empathy for the human soul have led her to become a very gifted strategist. An experienced diagnostician by the way of excellent listening, she is tuned in to you personal challenges while being mindful of wellness- all which are revealed in her practical, comprehensive approach to helping people manage some of life's biggest challenges. Engaging with Logan will create change which will have a lasting impact in your life!

- With so much gratitude, Jane