The Shift Project

Prep Work: Construction Zone


Harness the power of an honest evaluation. Start Shifting: Grab your yellow vest and a pen to enter the construction zone.

Week 1: Values Up


Are you out of sync with your values?  Life can be much easier when you align your goals and plans around your values.

Week 2: Hey Hey-ey, Goodbye


Show up with courage and let go of what isn't working in your life. Say goodbye to the layers of limitations you have put on yourself.

Week 3: Auditions Today


Auditions are being held and the director is calling on you to show up as your best self. What does your best self look like? Get ready to move beyond old limiting stories. 

Week 4: Experimental Work


Grab your lab coat and enter the gratitude lab. What happens when you become grateful for everything? It will be time to exchange your lab coat for a cape.

Week 5: Goal Architects Wanted


With your superhero cape and your values in place- it is time to step into the role of creator. Design new goals that reflect your dreams. Shift into possible.

Week 6: Speed Bump and Habits


Discover the power of failure. It is not about avoiding all the speed bumps in life but slowing down and staying in the moment. A gentle reminder to embrace the falls.

Week 7: Next Steps


What are the next steps? How do you keep expanding and shifting? Take the time to make powerful choices for what you want to create in the future. Keep shifting.

Common Question


Who is the project for? This project is for anyone who is ready to be the creator of their destiny. Participants must be ready to have a miraculous life shift.


  • Prep-Work Resources: The Prep-Workbook will create a snapshot of your life before your journey. The workbook will allow you to create a new roadmap for where you would like to be at the end of 60-days.  
  • Weekly Workbooks and Videos: Each week you get a new workbook filled with powerful questions and practical activities the will inspire you to take action to make the changes you want in your life. The videos will offer support and personal stories to make the workbook and activities more meaningful. 
  • Coaching Sessions: Every week we will meet (phone or online) for our 1:1 coaching session. Our intention will be to create powerful shifts in your life.
  • Group Coaching: These live calls are your chance to receive ideas and support for daily challenges that arise. Questions are submitted ahead of the call so that participants get in-depth guidance and resources that can support them. 
  • Supportive Online Community: Each 60-Day Shift Project has a Facebook group. This will be your space to share your journey with others working in the group.  
  • Unlimited Email Support: You will have email access for support between sessions.


The 60-Day Shift Project


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Register Before January 12, 2019

  • Prep-Work Resources
  • Weekly Modules & Videos 
  • Weekly Workbooks
  • Eight Coaching Sessions (one hour)
  • Online Group Coaching & Support
  • Unlimited Email Support