Coaching for a Strategic Shift

Washington, DC

Wollstonecraft: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Mary Wollstonecraft

In 1792 with the backdrop of the French Revolution, Mary Wollstonecraft wrote, A Vindication of the Rights of Women. In the book, Wollstonecraft argued that women should have the same opportunities as men. She disrupted the status quo by daring to persuade others that women should be given an education and civic rights. Wollstonecraft challenged society by asking the question: what are you afraid of? Women are still fighting for pay equality and a voice in modern society. Naming the company after her was a salute to challenging unjust societal norms. 

           “I do not wish them [women] to have power over men; but over themselves.”  

                                                                                                                       -Mary Wollstonecraft



Logan Williams


  • Logan Williams is the founder of Wollstonecraft Coaching. She is a Certified Professional Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. She found success in the educational setting and received the recognition for her work about Darfur from: The Washington Post, CNN, BBC Persian, Washington Times, and Maya Angelou.

  • Several years ago she was diagnosed with an illness, and she found herself in a new world where she emerged as a victim. Once recovered, she tried going back to her old life and was lost. 

  • Avoided social situations to lessen her anxiety
  • Experienced the “shame loop” for negative self-critical thoughts
  • Emotionally exhausted but felt the need to achieve more

  • The Shift: After studying experts in the field of positive psychology and taking small daily action steps, she started to understand that she needed to create new dreams that represented where she had been and where she wanted to go. Out of this experience sprung a desire to share what she had learned with others. Teaching people how to shift habits and destructive thought patterns has become her passion. 

Education and Certification

  • ACC: The International Coaching Federation
  • Certificate Program: American University, Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance, Washington, DC 
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • MST: State University of New York, Potsdam, NY
  • BA: College of Charleston, Charleston, SC




“For every step I wanted to take towards my dream job, I had an excuse to remain stuck in my comfortable rut.  After several weeks of negative self-talk and doubt, I decided to do something about it and contacted Logan for a package of coaching sessions.  From the start, Logan made me feel heard and allowed me to go where I needed to while staying focused on my goal.  We explored underlying fears and values that were keeping me stuck, and most importantly, my passion and excitement for the work that makes me come alive.  Logan helped shift my perspective and gave me the encouragement to take simple steps toward making my dream job a reality.  If you are looking to get unstuck, look no further than Logan to help pull out the best you.” -Paul 

“Working with Logan was a blessing. She helped me shift my mindset when I was in a low place. This past year had been difficult because my mom and uncle both passed away from cancer. Logan was able to guide me to see a future with new goals. She encouraged me to take daily action to believe that I could do it.” -Pamela

“Logan’s insight, wisdom, and intuition make for powerful coaching. She offers so many skills and tools and deep listening for real transformation.” -Elizabeth 

"The past 4 months I have experienced an incredible shift, really a life changer. I was stuck dwelling on the challenges my job presented which was significantly impacting relationships dear to me. Focusing on the painful negative experiences in recent years caused me to lose sight of the positive person I once was and the satisfying interactions in my relationships. I wasn't managing well, and everything felt challenging and difficult. I needed a new perspective, so I reached out to Logan for coaching through this very difficult period in my life. 

Logan helped me first to relax, then focus on the goals I wanted to achieve. Through weekly coaching sessions on the phone and good brain work, she helped me get in touch with the person I have always strived to be. With a focus on gratitude and her encouragement to engage in introspection, I began the process of restoring the positive energy which I lost. I have regained sight of my talents and gifts, and I am now stronger both physically and mentally. I am also more spiritual than ever before. I know I will hav challenging moments ahead, but now I have a plan so I don't go down the rabbit hole. 

With Logan's coaching, I was able to create positive changes in my life. Her life experiences and deep empathy for the human soul have led her to become a very gifted strategist. An experienced diagnostician by the way of excellent listening, she is tuned in to you personal challenges while being mindful of wellness- all which are revealed in her practical, comprehensive approach to helping people manage some of life's biggest challenges. Engaging with Logan will create change which will have a lasting impact in your life!" - With so much gratitude, Jane

"As a coach and facilitator, Logan's belief in human potential is apparent and at the forefront of how she engages with people. Her inquisitiveness comes from a place of deep curiosity- not judgement- which serves as the foundation of her work. This curiosity is what drew me to Logan and what helped me trust her so that when she challenged my own thinking as a way to help break barriers. I was open to receiving her feedback and shifting my perspective. Logan's strengths are building genuine human-to-human connection, sharing in the human experience of vulnerability alongside those she works with, and offering ways to challenge limiting beliefs through a trusted relationship." -Jenny